Google Street View UFO Is Weird Looking, But Probably Not Aliens

Finding fairly convincing 'UFOs' on Google Street View isn't exactly the most taxing thing in the world. This is because most people don't seem to realise the images on the service aren't taken by a perfect ballcam but are stitched together inexactly by a computer. This leads to glitches. Glitches look like UFOs.

Still, as Street View UFOs go, this one is pretty good.

As ever it's the work of UFO hunter Scott Waring, who we have covered previously for various feats of non-Earth-shattering UFOlogy.

The UFO can be found at Trout Creek, Montana, in the sky. The UFO-hunters in question say the alien craft has a head popping of out it.

Waring said:

"When I took a closer look at it last night, it isn’t just a regular UFO.

"You can see there is an object with a roundish head on it sticking out from the top.

"What it looks like to me is a head. It looks like an alien grey head sticking from the top of the ship. The curvature looks like a huge cranium. A giant head with a small chin area."

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