30/06/2014 13:42 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Kelly Osbourne Tattoos The Side Of Her Head

Kelly Osbourne took to Instagram at the weekend to share a picture of her new tattoo - and it's fair to say the 29-year-old has added a rather unusual inking to her already large collection of tattoos.

The Fashion Police star teased her fans by firstly sharing a snap of herself ready and waiting to get inked up in an LA tattoo parlour alongside the caption: "#oops what did I do tonight?"

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Kelly - who last year began the painful process of having a number of her tattoos removed - then took up her place in revered tattoo artist Dr Woo's chair at the Shamrock Social Club in Hollywood.

Keeping as still as possible the daughter of rocker Ozzy Osbourne and former X Factor judge Sharon had the word "Stories" permanently marked on the side of her... head!

While it certainly didn't look like the most comfortable experience of her life, it seems Kelly was pretty pleased with the results. She wrote on the photo sharing site: "Sorry mum and dad but I love it."

Kelly recently confessed that removing tattoos is more painful than having them done in the first place and warned fans to think twice before having a lover's name inked upon their skin.

"Take it from me because I have made this mistake NEVER get a living lovers name or a matching couples tattoo," she wrote on her official Facebook page in December last year.

"It is my belief that they are the kiss of death on any relationship. It doesn't just mess up the relationship you are in when you get your everlasting dooms day ink but future relationships as well.

"Trust me when I say this that 'Jessica'' does not want to stare at 'Sarah's' name while you are bumping uglies."

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