01/07/2014 13:12 BST | Updated 01/07/2014 13:59 BST

How To: Get Fit Using Your iPhone

With smart watches and fitness bands like the iWatch and the Gear Fit becoming the next big thing very few people have addressed the fact that ultimately, they'll almost all need to connect to an app on your iPhone. Well which one do you choose? Some can connect to fitness trackers, others are stand alone virtual fitness instructors. Don't worry though, we've found the best out there.

Until iOS 8 comes out the iPhone won't come with a stand alone fitness app straight out of the box, instead you'll need to trawl through the wealth of apps on the App Store until you find one that fits.

Well that can be a hassle, especially in todays fast-paced world which is thankfully why our friends over at GetConnected TV have done all the hard work and picked the best.

Whether it's an app that tracks your running or one that gives you a full blown workout they're all there, so check out the video and get yourself back into shape before Summer is all but gone.