03/07/2014 11:39 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Dying Dad Makes Emotional Rocky Music Video As Legacy For Baby Daughter



A dad battling cancer has made a wonderful music video to show his baby girl how hard he fought to stay alive.

Darren Mullery, 39, made the hilarious - and incredibly poignant - movie using the Rocky theme 'Eye of the Tiger' to symbolise his fight with pancreatic cancer.

It shows him training and boxing the disease (played by family and friends) before fading to the extraordinarily punchline of him holding his baby daughter Noelle's hand.

Darren, from Tralee, Co. Kerry, was diagnosed with the disease last August when his wife Danielle was four months pregnant with their first child.

Doctors said the cancer had progressed so much there was very little that could be done.

But Darren, from Traleee, Co. Kerry, vowed he wouldn't let it beat him, and after starting chemotherapy, he and Danielle welcomed baby Noelle into the world in December.

His big target now is to make it to his little girl's first birthday - and to reach his own 40th.

To inspire his battle, Darren's friend Rebecca Roche suggested making the video accompanied by the Rocky theme The Eye of the Tiger.

Story continues after the video

Rebecca said: "Darren found out he has pancreatic cancer when his wife Danielle was pregnant with their first child.

"We have created a music video to the song Eye of the Tiger.

"Where it starts off with him in hospital 'rising up back on my feet' onto the gym and boxing ring and then the big fight where he fights cancer and knocks cancer out.

"The video was done by members of the musical society and we had a director and had it professionally video made.

"It has some laughs it in but a lot of hope and so much courage. His hope is for his daughter to see how he put up a fight to beat this.

"His hope is whoever sees this video and is going through a hard time will get some kind of hope and courage from it, and to show them that even in hard times you still keep fighting and have fun when you can.

"Even if it helps one person get out of bed to fight another day then the video worked. Also it's for his daughter to see when she's older how brave her dad is and how he put up a fight to beat this disease.

"The doctors are surprised that he's alive, but his big target is to see his daughter's first birthday. He'll be 40 in August, and they're hopeful he'll make that.

"We are all behind you Darren as you fight the big fight."