03/07/2014 13:05 BST | Updated 03/07/2014 13:59 BST

13 Things You Shouldn't Ever Microwave - Including Raisins, Travel Mugs And Takeaway Boxes

You may scoff my friend, but microwave safety is an important matter.

Put the wrong thing in the microwave and it'll do far more than heat up - so if you value your health (and the contents of your house), listen up.

There are some things that you'll probably know shouldn't go in the microwave, like aluminum foil. But, there are also things that you probably think can go in the microwave, but in reality they never should. Ever.

One of these is a travel mug. Stainless steel travel mugs actually block the waves from heating the liquid inside, which can damage your microwave.

Styrofoam takeaway boxes are also a big no-no - they're a form of plastic and can be potentially dangerous.

And don't go thinking that microwaving all food is safe, oh no.

Heat raisins and they're likely to smoke. Heat grapes and they may catch fire.

Seriously guys, use your microwave with caution.


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