04/07/2014 10:27 BST | Updated 04/07/2014 10:59 BST

David And Victoria Beckham Married 15 Years Ago Today - We Look Back In Kisses And Haircuts (PICTURES)

15 years ago today, David Beckham joined his bride Victoria Adams on their wedding thrones in an Irish castle and were anointed, officially, King and Queen of Celebs-ville, UK.

Victoria Beckham nee Adams shows off her engagement ring on the day of her betrothal to David Beckham

Four children, five football clubs, one fashion empire and... errr... several haircuts later, they're still together, naysaying all the doubters who declaimed the chance of a footballing superstar and a Spice Girl finding long-lasting, authentic happiness.

On this celebratory day, we look back at the way they were, the way they still are and, above all, their impressive catalogue of crowning achievements...

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