04/07/2014 08:40 BST | Updated 04/07/2014 08:59 BST

'The Secret Life Of Students' Review - Shocking, And Nothing We Didn't Already Know And Fear To Be True

All those stereotypes about students drinking and bonking their grants away were reassuringly reinforced on last night's first episode of 'Secret Life of Students' on Channel 4.

The show drew an impressive audience just short of a million, with the largest share of 16 -34 year olds - unsurprising, really, as what we learned in the show was that students like, pretty much more than anything, talking about and looking at themselves.

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The show's unique selling point was the technology that enabled viewers into their minds. This was more fitting and analogous than it was rewarding. Channel 4 quite rightly spotted that social media platforms were the best of tapping into the inner psyches of these young minds at Leicester University, and it was quite diverting, with all the texts, tweets and social updates popping up on screen.

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Unfortunately, the jewels on offer weren't quite up to the effort involved. Even ignoring the ever-present use of OMG, LOL LMFO etc etc, there was just too much of the "smashing n dashing" (apparently young-people's code for making swift apology and exit after a one-night stand) and Neknominating, care of Menopace capsules and a fish's head.

To be fair, most of this was the work of one extroverted man Aiden, who sadly caught chlamydia for his efforts, and then went round telling everyone. Which is kind of socially responsible, I suppose.

And, to balance it all, we had booky Lauren, teetotal and overwhelmed by it all, eventually finding solace in the student Labour Party - a cliche to balance any of Aiden's antics.

Reasons to carry on watching? To see if Lauren finds a way of happily inhabiting her own skin like a female star in a John Hughes film, or if peer pressure will out. Or perhaps she and Aidan will get together for Leicester's own Love Story. Watch this space.

Photo gallery Secret Life of Students See Gallery