06/07/2014 18:06 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Britain's Biggest Family Welcomes 16th Child...And Mum Wants Another!

Britain's biggest family welcomes 16th child...and mum wants another!Cascade

There may be a baby boom on the cards, but the Radford family are one step ahead of the crowd - they have just welcomed their 16th child!

Sue, 37, and husband Noel, also 37, who run a bakery (insert bun in the oven gag here), now have nine sons and seven daughters after welcoming baby Casper last month - who was born after just a 16 minute labour!

The family live in a nine-bedroom former care home in Lancashire, where essentials to keep the home in order include an industrial-sized washing machine and giant fridge.

The Radford clan range in age from grown-up Chris, who is 23, to Oscar, one, and one-month-old Casper.

Britain's biggest family welcomes 16th child...and mum wants another!Cascade

"I just love being a mummy. We are so lucky," says busy mum Sue.

"I get very emotional when I see the children all together. I know people stare. Some think they won't get the attention they need, but people don't realise how dedicated we are... and maybe we'll be lucky enough to have more!"

Sue and Noel welcomed their first son, Chris, when they were in their teens, but now run a successful family bakery which provides for their bumper brood.

Food costs the couple £250 a week, and, on average, the family gets through three loaves of bread, two boxes of cereal and 18 pints of milk a day. A typical tea is 16 pork chops, 15lbs of potatoes, three cabbages and 30 carrots.

The couple's extended family just got bigger too - Sophie has just welcomed Sue and Noel's first grandchild, baby Daisy!

"The Radford roll call:"


Chris, 23
Sophie, 18
Chloe, 17
Jack, 15
Daniel, 13
Luke, 11
Millie, 10
Katie, 9
James, 8
Ellie, 7
Aimee, 6
Josh, 4
Max, 3
Tilly May, 2
Oscar, 1
Casper, 1 month

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