Mel B Recording New Music After Landing 'X Factor' Judge Role: Best And Worst Solo Spice Girls Songs

Best And Worst Solo Spice Girls Offerings...

Mel B is reportedly back in the studio, no doubt trusting that her appearance on ‘The X Factor’ judging panel later this year will give her profile a shot in the arm and help kickstart her solo music career, according to reports in The Sun.

Of course, as one of the Spice Girls, Mel has reached the number one spot on the UK singles chart a number of times with the likes of ‘Wannabe’, ‘2 Become 1’ and ‘Viva Forever’ all peaking in the top spot, but it’s not unfair to say that, as a solo artist, her efforts have been slightly less dazzling.

Mel B at the 'X Factor' auditions in Newcastle

But Mel B isn’t the only Spice Girl to have struggled with replicating the group’s chart success in their own solo career. Geri Halliwell’s most recent offering, ‘Half Of Me’, sold just over 400 copies and its accompanying music video was torn apart by critics, despite a few number one solo singles kicking around in her back catalogue.

Meanwhile, Posh Spice aka Victoria Beckham has ditched the music scene altogether in the past few years and had the good lucrative sense to reinvent herself as the fashion designer du jour.

The Spice Girls back in 1997

That's not to say every Spice solo effort has been a dud. Always praised for her stand-out vocals within the group, Melanie C went on to stun critics with her debut solo record ‘Northern Star’, while we’d say Emma Bunton’s hit ‘Maybe’ was a must-listen for anyone looking for some mid-2000s nostalgia.

And so, with the news that Mel B will soon be giving the old music career another bash, we’ve decided to delve back into the solo Spice catalogue, and bring you the best and worst from Scary, Sporty, Baby, Ginger and, yes, even Posh... What is YOUR stand-out hit? Let us know below...

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