08/07/2014 12:16 BST | Updated 08/07/2014 12:59 BST

World Cup 2014 Battle Of The Brands: Nike Vs Adidas

While all eyes are on the teams as they square up in the World Cup 2014 semi-finals there is another, slightly less visible clash going on - the battle of the brands.

With only the semi-finals and the final to go, Nike claim they are taking the leading spot in the tournament so far.

They have two teams in the penultimate round - Brazil...


... and the Netherlands.


BUT!!! So do adidas.



... and Argentina.


Where Nike pull ahead is in possession and goals.

Based on minutes played in pitch, Nike have had a 52% share of the pitch against adidas' 38%.

neymar dribbling

And the all important goals - because that's what count.

Nike-clad players have scored 72 goals (45%) while adidas lag slightly behind on 68 (43%).

netherlands goal

All the other brands combined have a piddly 14 (9%) between them while no one wants to own up to the 5 (3%) own goals.

john boye own goal

But there's still time. If Brazil and Argentina are knocked out in the semis then adidas will be free to charge ahead - or vice-versa...