09/07/2014 05:44 BST | Updated 09/07/2014 05:59 BST

David Luíz: The Best World Cup Viral Memes

Schadenfreude is pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others, and boy what pleasure plenty got from David Luíz's gutless and pathetic performance for Brazil as they sieved seven goals against Germany.

Luíz was crying at full-time but they were tears of a clown. Had he shown some effort to prevent Toni Kroos from scoring the Germans' fourth goal the humiliation might not have been quite so catastrophic, but, as Gary Neville memorably told us, he plays like he is "controlled by a 10-year-old on a PlayStation".

Tragicomically for Paris Saint-Germain, they have just spent £50 (FIFTY) million to sign the Brazilian. He is the most expensive defender in the history of football and it is debatable whether he can actually defend.