09/07/2014 12:25 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Girl, 12, Spiked Family Friend's Drink With Bleach



A 12-year-old-girl poisoned a family friend's drink with bleach because she was angry about being sent to stay with the woman for the summer holidays.

A court heard that the girl laced tea and apple juice with the chemical before giving it to the victim with her breakfast as a 'gesture of kindness'.

The victim was suspicious about the difficult girl's out of character gesture and even left her cup of tea as it had an 'unusual smell'.

But after sipping from the juice carton her throat began to burn and she began vomiting at her flat in Euston, London.

The victim was taken to hospital but has now fully recovered.

Now 13, the girl - who lives in Kentish Town, north London, with her mother - admitted unlawfully administering a noxious substance with intent to injure, aggrieve or annoy.

She was given an eight-month referral order and will be supervised by social workers at Camden Youth Services. Her mother was ordered to pay a £15 surcharge.

The court heard how the girl decided to poison the woman after her stay was extended.

Stuart Sampson, prosecuting at Highbury Corner Magistrates Court, said: "The defendant was staying with the victim who is a friend of her family's during the school holidays which was I think a stay that was rather longer than anticipated.

"It is clear that the defendant who is if previous good character is a troubled young lady.

"On the 29th August last year the defendant woke the victim and offered her breakfast which consisted of toast, apple juice and a cup of tea.

"The victim was a little suspicious that she had gone to so much trouble and decided to consume toast, but didn't drink the tea as it had an unusual smell which she couldn't identify.

"She went for a shower and took the drink of apple juice with her. She drank some apple juice and felt a burning in her throat and vomited.

"The defendant asked if she was alright and she called an ambulance."

District Judge Gill Allison agreed not to impose a compensation order as the poisoning was a 'family issue'.

She said to the girl: "When young people plead guilty to an offence the court has one option and that is to make a referral order.

"These are the circumstances here and I make a referral order...for the next eight months you will work with Camden Youth Services.

"I hope the order goes well and you continue being successful at school."