That '29 Impressions' Video? Totally Fake. Here's How Rob Cantor Did It.

That '29 Impressions' Video? Totally Fake.

Remember that video of the musician Rob Cantor doing 29 perfect impressions of celebrity singers in just one take?

You know -- this video? The one you posted on Facebook a week ago and which your mum just forwarded to you this morning?

Yeah, that was fake.

Cantor has now revealed the Master Trickery by which he managed to fool the entire internet -- which is (roughly speaking) about as complex as 'lip syncing while other people sang'.

Oddly Cantor did still use impressionists for the video, rather than just taking vocal cuts from the people he was pretending to impersonate. Seems like a lot of work for one video. But whatever.

"“29 Celebrity Impressions, 1 Original Song” was created with the help of eleven impressionists and one trumpet player, all exceedingly talented. I hope it was fun to watch, and that you enjoyed my song “Perfect.”"

Here's how it was done, followed by the original clip.

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