10/07/2014 12:40 BST | Updated 11/07/2014 04:59 BST

Kickstarter Promises Full-Colour 3D-Printed Figurines Of Any Video Game Character

The realm of video games is not exactly short of very expensive action figures made in dubious taste for niche audiences of even more niche (nicher?) characters.

Well now the long tail of nerd figurines just got even longer.

ShapeIt is a newly-launched Kickstarter which promises to make full-colour, 3D models of any character from your favourite video game on demand.

The models, printed from either plastic or gypsum-based powder, can come in white or full colour and are designed in three sizes.

Unfortunately they're also pretty expensive. The small, white figures will run you $83 $43 US (though that includes the process of design based on screenshots you provide). A full package of one large colour figure, and one each of the medium and small white figures, will cost you $325 $219 (Prices updated July 11).

It's a neat idea -- though others have tried similar things, including full 3D-printed selfies. Which means it might be cheaper to go to Asda in costume than back this project.

Anyway here's what the team says:

"It [the model] will be close, but not exactly the same. Please remember that to create the figurines, there are several stages that our artists and machines must complete to translate game data to a physical model. We transform in-game screen captures into a physical representation of the character.

This interpretation includes increasing the resolution, identifying and thickening certain aspects of each model that are too thin to print, brightening the colors, and sharpening small details to enhance your statue."

You've got about a month to decide - the Kickstarter needs to raise $50,000 by August 14 to get going. Check it out here.