These Boys Wanted Their Heads Shaved. So Their Dad Did This!

When these two boys asked their dad to shave their heads, they didn't think he would turn them into the spitting image of Statler and Waldorf from the Muppets.

The dad in question, Brian White, posted this hilarious picture on Reddit, with the tongue-in-cheek title: 'Kids wanted their heads shaved for summer. Mom said okay. Not sure we were on the same page'.

It appears to show that his two sons have aged seriously prematurely, with hair left around the sides of the head but completely bald, shiny crowns.

Users of the site heralded it as both 'hilarious' and 'amazingly creepy' (we've got to agree there). One even wondered if the 'Costanza' could be to boys of the 2010s what the bowl cut was to the Nineties.

But not to worry - the boys aren't going to be stuck with old-man hairdos for the rest of the summer.

They only kept them long enough to come up with a funny short film, showing the boys age overnight after they decide to follow their dreams of becoming accountants.

Brian says that he got the idea to give the brothers the freaky makeover when they asked their parents if they could get their heads shaved to stay cool in the summer heat.

"I just took this opportunity to show them what our genes swear they will look like in just a few short decades," Brian explained of the daft hairstyling prank.

"They laughed, this time. Next time? I don't think there will be any smiles," he said.

You might be right there.