Apollo Astronaut Pictures: 23 Proofs That The Moon Explorers Were Badass

Even though Neil Armstrong's "one small step" almost 45 years ago, we don't need a reason to write about the Apollo Moon missions.

But as it turns out, this week has seen two stories about the Apollo landings capture our imagination in unusual ways. First there was Buzz Aldrin's Reddit AMA, which hit the headlines partially because it included a bunch of new information about his UFO sighting on the way to the Lunar surface.

Then there was this -- a simple, old picture of Buzz arriving to work at Nasa in his totally awesome sports car.

Inspired, we've collected the following images which we think sum up why the Apollo astronauts -- even those who didn't make it to the Moon -- were totally badass human beings. You know, beyond the fact that they made it possible for humanity to get to the Moon and back in what was effectively a tin can held together (occasionally literally) with Scotch tape.

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