Apple Will Let You Engrave The Word 'Penis' But Not 'Vagina' On An iPad

Is Apple's iPad Engraving Service 'Sexist'?

Apple's engraving service for iPad and iPod will let you use words like 'dick' and 'penis' -- but won't let you have words like 'vagina' and 'clit', it has emerged.

In a blog post, writer Just Lust attempted to have her favourite song lyrics emblazoned on the back of her iPad only to discover that she wasn't allowed the word 'clit' with Apple citing it as inappropriate.

In a moment of curiosity she tested out a few other words and soon discovered that Apple's censor for the engraving service appears to block all words for female genitalia, while any words for male genitalia are allowed.

The blog post was quickly picked up by Radhika Sanghani from The Telegraph and discovered that this extends much further including the words 'boobs'.

Oddly the censor will allow 'clitoris' and 'vulva'.

To take things a step further Sanghani then tried the word 'orgasm' only to be told that this too was deemed inappropriate. Finally and out of sheer exasperation she tried the word 'ejaculate' and lo and behold it was allowed.

Apple is yet to comment on what appears to be a genuinely distinction between the two sexes but so as soon as they give a statement we'll update the story.


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