14/07/2014 07:05 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Brooklyn Beckham Has Been Doing Work Experience With Madonna's Ex Guy Ritchie

Most of us spent our work experience week at school getting to grips with a stuffy office, but that's not so for Brooklyn Beckham.

Brooklyn Beckham Getty

Thanks to his parents' stellar connections, Brooklyn's got plenty of potential famous mentors at his feet. And while he's previously seemed keen to make waves in the football world like his dad, he's also clearly a keen film buff, as he's spent the past working week training with Guy Ritchie.

According to The Sun, the 15-year-old spent the whole of last week working alongside Guy.

He was seen being dropped off at Guy's house by David Beckham on Monday before being taken to Guy's Oxford Street-based offices. Brooklyn reportedly spent around five hours a day working with the Sherlock Holmes director.

It's not the first foray Brooklyn's made into the world of work - he's already spent weekends working as a barista in a coffee shop in West London. His parents have said they're keen to keep their children grounded and instil a good work ethic in them.

David spoke out earlier in the year to say: "We try to lead by example, by showing [our children] it's important to work hard.

"That's one of the key things me and my wife have always done ... We juggle everything around the family because our main priority is the children, simple as that, and it always will be, but being hardworking is the best thing you can show children."

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