Airbus Has Designed Literally The Worst Seat In The History Of Aviation

This Is The Worst Idea In The History Of Air Travel

A new design for economy class airline seating is drawing criticism for being totally, objectively horrible.

The designs by Airbus, drawn up for a patent application, are reminiscent of bicycle seats.

The idea is almost barbaric:

The seat -- if you can even call it that -- is essentially just a rotating tray, with a small space to lean on mere inches from your fellow passengers. There is no entertainment system, no cushions, no armest. You just sit there and hang, like a sad piece of human cargo, and wait for either death or your destination.

The patent, which has been universally excoriated, are designed explicitly to maximise profits -- and cope with overweight passengers.

The patent description states:

"[To maximize financial returns on aircraft for low-cost airlines], the number of seats in a cabin must be increased, to the detriment of the comfort of the passengers. However, this reduced comfort is tolerable for passengers in as much as the flight lasts one or a few hours."

Airbus has since told the LA Times that the seats might never appear in a real aircraft.



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