Obese Mum And Dad Lose 20 Stone Between Them



An obese mum and dad lost an incredible 20 stone between them for the sake of their kids – and their 'before' and 'after' transformation is quite astonishing.

Jessica Foster weighed 20st 5lbs and her husband Robert tipped the scales at 21st 8lbs.

But they were so unfit and unhealthy they realised they weren't giving their four young daughters the quality time they deserved – and so decided to do something about it.

And – wow! – look at the truly jaw-dropping results.

The couple's transformation is so amazing it's hard to believe they're the same people!



Not only do they look fantastic, but they're also fitter than fiddles, running marathons – and running around after the kids they previously felt too tired to play with.

The tipping point for the couple's realisation that the time had come to lose weight happened at a family dinner in Boulder, Colorado in March 2012.

Jessica revealed that a family member said about her: "She used to be something to look at. Not anymore."

Jess' 30 birthday was just around the corner and so she decided to change her life.

She said: "I adore my kids and I love my husband very much, but there was that point I hated myself so much. I wasn't giving them the full me because I was disgusted."

The next week she took up Zumba and within a few weeks had dropped 14lbs.

Rob's lifestyle change was slightly more reluctant. He started slowly - he stopped taking seconds at dinner and began playing tennis.

It was running that pushed the incredible pair to really make a difference in their lives. They both signed up for a 5km race that December.

Jessica finished way ahead of Robert, and he walked as much as he ran but that was the tipping point he needed to motivate him to take things a whole lot further.

By May of this year he had completed his first marathon.

The determined couple are now down to a collective 20st. Rob weighs in at 11st 9lbs, loss of 11st 4lbs. Jessica has slimmed down to 8st 5lbs and her dress size has plummeted from a 24 to a size 10.

The couple are healthy, happy and proud to be positive role models to their four young girls.

Jessica has returned to work at a bank after five years as a stay at home mother and Rob has returned to college with the hope of getting into medical school.

Jess said: "I love myself. I like what I'm seeing in the mirror. I know there's some work to still be done, but I'm such a different person than I was before."