Watch Dramatic Moment Hero Police Officer Resuscitated Toddler

This is the dramatic moment a hero police officer saves the life of a toddler after he'd been pulled from a garden pool.

The amazing footage was captured by the policeman who resuscitated the two-year-old boy after he was pulled unconscious from the pool in Cleveland, U.S.

The drama unfolded after Officer Ismael Quintana had received a call about a child drowning in a backyard pool.

He rushed to the scene and hit the record button on his body camera and went to work trying to resuscitate the child.

The video shows him reviving unconscious Drances Conner – and earned the quick-thinking officer praise from the boy's family and neighbours.

The boy's aunt, Cynthia Conner, said Drances was spending the day with her when he wandered into the backyard and ended up in the above-ground pool without his arm bands.

A relative found the child lying unresponsive by the pool and called for help.

Cynthia recalled: "He was purple. He was lifeless. His lips were shaking. It's something I'm never gonna forget."

Luckily for Drances, a police officer was speaking to Cynthia at the time about an unrelated incident concerning her fence when he heard of the drowning and called for backup.

One of the policemen patrolling the neighbourhood was Officer Quintana, who himself is the father of a two-year-old.

When Officer Quintana arrived, he found little Drances lying unconscious in the driveway.

He said: "That's probably been the only time I've ever been scared."

The officer turned on his new body camera worn on his chest, which captured him and Cynthia working in tandem to try and to revive the boy. Eventually, Drances came to and drew a breath on his own.

A month after the incident, Drances is in good health and has no apparent side effects from the drowning.

On a recent afternoon, Officer Quintana and Cynthia reunited for the first time since the harrowing incident last month.

Hugging the policeman, Cynthia said: "If it wasn't for you, what if I couldn't have done it all by myself?"

Officer Quintana has been nominated for an award for his act of life-saving heroism.