'Selfie' Toaster Is The Ultimate Expression Of Vanity

Behold The Selfie Toaster, The Height In Breakfast Vanity

The 'Selfie' phenomenon just doesn't seem to be dying down, if anything it's getting bigger with smartphone manufacturers specifically building phones with camera's designed for that very job.

Well now you can do something other than just sending endless Snapchats, you can have that delightful visage of yourself burnt into your toast every morning.

The 'Selfie' toaster is the product of Vermont-based toast specialists, Burnt Impressions. Simply send them a picture of yourself, or your pet, or well just about anything and within a week you'll get your very own custom toaster.

Of course if you'd rather not have your own face then they'll rather handily provide a whole range of templates including Jesus, Mary and Edgar Allen Poe.

Burnt Impressions guarantees to make it as you intended or 'your money back' which handily brings us onto the next question.

Just how much does it cost to have your face immortalised as part of the breakfast routine? Well not as much as you'd expect, the 'Selfie Toaster' costs just £43.86 plus shipping and all the usual fees.


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