It's Important For Cristiano Ronaldo To Look Good

Cristiano Ronaldo Likes Looking Good!

If you weren't already aware, Cristiano Ronald likes to look good!

The image-conscious Real Madrid star is giving 'Head and Shoulders' a run for its money in a new anti-dandruff commercial for shampoo brand 'Clear.'

The Portuguese footballer offered a few thoughts on his latest project....

"I have worked with 'Clear' a few years, I love the kind of work and the adverts are brilliant in my opinion and the product is amazing too.

It's important to have a good image outside of football and inside of football too.

I like to have a good image, of course to be connected with the shampoo it's perfect for me because it's a great brand and to work with them it's fantastic and of course I respect a lot, the hair, how I'm looking.

I have to look good all the time and I know it's very important for me.

I love the shampoo it's nice and if you see the results you can look for my hair and you will see why I have beautiful hair."

I love the shampoo it's nice..and I look good

I like looking good, the product is amazing too

It's perfect for me

Loooking Good!

Looking good is important to me

I have beautiful hair ha ha ha ha ha

Watch the full advert below...

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