22/07/2014 18:01 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Breastfeeding In Public: Restaurant Sign Offering Mums Free Tea Goes Viral

A restaurant sign offering breastfeeding mums a free cup of tea has gone viral after being shared on Facebook by a grateful mother.

Brasserie Blanc in Cheltenham hung a chalkboard outside their door, with the message:

"Breastfeeding mums - Pop in and have a free cup of tea if you need a pit stop... No need to eat, no need to ask - please relax."

A photo of the sign posted on Facebook by mum Sophie Vaughan, quickly received more than 11,000 likes and 8,000 shares from parents eager to show their appreciation.

The sign was written by Emma O'Connor, General Manager of the Cheltenham branch of Brasserie Blanc, who explained that the offer extended to bottle feeding mums as well.

"[The sign] was literally from a mum that was tired. I made her a cup of tea and she looked like I'd given her a million pounds," Emma told The Independent.

"I wish I'd done it ages ago, if I'd known it would make people feel more confident.

"Sometimes you just need to sit down with your baby. Not everyone is as confident, and it's not as easy for everyone. You can't just sit on a park bench sometimes."

Emma, who is herself a mum to two-year-old Teddy McHardie, added that the response she has received has been 'unbelievable.'

Brasserie Blanc is a French restaurant chain owned by celebrity chef Raymond Blanc. The firm said on its Facebook page that the picture had: 'caused a storm in a teacup - as far away as Australia and USA.'

A spokesperson for the chain, Kathryn Coury, confirmed that while the other 19 Brasserie Blanc branches have a 'policy of being welcoming and accommodating' for breast feeding and bottle feeding parents, they do not currently offer the free tea.

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