Windows 9 Leaked, They've Added More Windows

Windows 9 or Windows Threshold looks set to bring back the beloved Start Menu if these leaked preview images are to be believed.

The leaked screenshots come courtesy of myce and show a completely redesigned 'Desktop' screen which shows a redesigned start menu that now features 'Metro' style tiles.

In case you're wondering why the screenshot shows Windows 8/8.1 then don't fret, that's simply the base version which the team are testing.

According to myce the leaked images are UI testing versions of the software, so it's the old version of Windows but featuring all the new designs of Windows 9.

While it's fair to say a simple Windows update isn't going to change the world Microsoft knows that there had been some disquiet over the loss of the classic desktop in favour of a more 'touch-friendly' version of Windows.

With both Windows and the Xbox One getting updates that help with more traditional input methods it appears as though Microsoft is accepting that it's touch-friendly world just hasn't fully arrived yet.

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