As 'Glee' Chalks Up 100th Episode, We Remember Best Performances And Cameo Appearances

What's Glee's Ultimate Show-Stopping Moment?

If it feels like you can't remember a world pre-'Glee', you'd be almost right. The show celebrating the William McKinley High School song and dance club chalks up its 100th episode tonight on Fox in America.

In its long run, the series has been praised for its engagement with social, relationship and sexual issues - for its blatant scene-stealing by sports coach Sue Sylvester (a mega-phoned Jane Lynch) and its focus on inclusion.

Some of 'Glee's finest performances...

Along the way, its seen a high-profile romance between two of its main stars Lea Michele and Corey Monteith, and the tragedy of Corey's death last year, when the show recorded a special tribute episode 'The Quarterback'. There have also been many themed episodes featuring music from the likes of Madonna and Queen, and the odd always-appreciated appearance by a very famous face.

Series creator Ryan Murphy has announced that the sixth season of the show will be the last.

Can you remember ALL of these stars' appearances on 'Glee'?

'Glee' continues on E4.


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