23/07/2014 21:19 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Parenting... The Truth: Nursery And School (Video)

You may have been dreaming of having the house to yourself ever since your children were born. But sending them off to nursery or school comes with many new challenges.

Episode Six of our Parenting... The Truth video series focuses on the dilemmas parents face when children start nursery or school. Parents share their tales of the mad rush to leave the house every morning; coping with crazes - (even when it means having to feign an interest in wrestling!); losing your identity as you become known only as 'Daisy's dad' and the politics of the playground pick up. You've been doing it for a year now so why do none of the other parents look familiar?!

And these new worries aren't confined to school hours. A class full of new playmates for your child means you'll also have to get to grips with the etiquette of kids' parties. It's a minefield, as one dad says:


I think party bags are really a way for the parent who's organised the party to get revenge on you as a guest - what they'll do is give your child a bag of sugar so he'll be awake for the entire night.


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