Head-Cam Captures Cyclist's MIRACLE Crash Landing (And What Could Have Been His Last Words)

Nothing quite captures the mundane horror of a sudden bicycle crash like a head-cam video. Fact is, if a car does decide to take you out one day while you're riding on two wheels, you might never even know it happened.

In the case of this cyclist, at least he managed to let out a simple "Oh, F**k off' before the impact.

This video captures the moment one cyclist was knocked off their bike when a car in Romford decided to turn into the bike lane. Incredibly, while his bike was completely shattered in the crash the cyclist managed to land on his feet and only suffered an uncomfortable visit to hospital, and some bruising.

In the clip's description he says:

"I was travelling around 22mph through Romford. Drizzly conditions so I was being cautious around bends and roundabouts. I didn't expect this! I just about got my hands to the brakes (it can just be seen on the frame before impact) but I had no chance of stopping.

… At the time the driver was apologetic and was informed by the police that I was recording my ride and seemed to admit fault. But when it came to my insurance claim against her she disputed it. Safe to say the video has saved me a lot of hassle and 3 weeks later the cheque has already arrived from the insurance company."

There are lots of relatively inexpensive head-cams you can purchase from bike shops - on this evidence we recommend it. Having one could save you a long court battle - or give the police vital evidence on who to blame in the event the result is even worse.

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