Condom Couture: Brazilian Artist, Adriana Bertini, Makes Dresses And Artwork Out Of Condoms

Aside from accidentally resulting in an unexpected conception, expired or defective condoms have as much usefulness as a diaphragm made of icing sugar.

But one woman has decided to transform them into art, dah-ling.

Adriana Bertini, an artist living in São Paulo, Brazil, turns expired or defective condoms into raw material which is then moulded into evening dresses, shawls and even carnival costumes.

"I want my art to be visible everywhere, reminding people of the necessity of HIV prevention" Bertini says. “I prefer working more with the figurines, because I noticed that they make people think about the meaning of ‘Wear against AIDS’.”

Most artists want their work to be a discussion point and Bertini is no different.

She has done a lot of work with AIDS charities, and part of her passion is to create effective sexual health campaigns that speak to young and old.

“There a lot of parents who want to thank me because it was through my art that they’ve reached out to their children to talk about sexuality,” she says.

THE UNAids site says: "Bertini started her career at Brazil's fashion houses, and made her first dress from condoms in 1997. Since then, the designer has made around 200 sculptures, 80 tapestries and 160 figurines from condoms. The most condoms she has ever used on a gown - around 80 thousand - was on one wedding dress."