26/07/2014 06:21 BST | Updated 26/07/2014 06:59 BST

‘X Factor' Winner James Arthur Considers A New Name: ‘There's Stigma Attached To Mine'

2012 ‘X Factor’ winner James Arthur has announced via Twitter that he considering whether to undergo something of a rebranding… by naming himself Gloria. Seriously.

The singer took to Twitter to discuss his interesting new ideas with his fans, where he admitted that there is “stigma” attached to his name.

James ArthurGloria James Arthur? Oh we don't know...

“How would the fans feel if the next record was released under the name "Arthur" and james was dropped going forward as I'm a new character?,” he wrote on Twitter, before explaining the whole idea…

According to The Sun, James then tested out Gloria and changed his Twitter handle to the new name.

He has obviously had a change of heart though, as now - on Twitter anyway - he’s back to being James Arthur.

Since winning the ‘X Factor’, thing haven’t exactly gone smoothly for the Middlesbrough-born singer and in May, he parted ways from Syco Records.

Ahead of the split from the label, James had a number of public disputes with Simon Cowell and also came under fire after using a homophobic term in a rap posted online.

We can’t help but think maybe there are other approaches James could take to restore his reputation.

Perhaps some charity work? Or maybe a few weeks off to reflect and rethink things?

At times like this he must regret firing his PR during a Twitter rant...

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