29/07/2014 12:49 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Lupita Nyong'o Is A Pro At Braiding Hair

Lupita Nyong'o's talents aren't only in acting. The 12 Years a Slave star is also an expert at braiding hair - a skill she learned when she was an undergraduate - and although she's now an Oscar winner, Lupita is still the one her friends call up when they need a new style.

"I learned how to corn row and box braid and twist, now I really enjoy braiding hair for my friends," she says in the video shot by Vogue.

Lupita explains how she took it upon herself to learn how to braid hair one summer when she couldn't find a salon to do it for her.

"I decided it was going to be my "side hustle - I was going to make some money." Later, the star reveals she "didn't have the heart to charge anyone."

Still, braiding did come into good use. "Getting my hands busy would be a nice way to stay in the room - not asleep," she remembers when talking about her college days with a friend.

And if you learn anything from this video, let it be these words of wisdom: "Your hair is your friend," says Lupita. "It's so important - if you jack someone's hair up, the world sees it."

A good point - one which anyone whose ever been given a dodgy haircut will definitely be able to identify with.

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