Nail Art: Five Alternatives To The French Manicure

Nail Art: Five Alternatives To The French Manicure

We've got a love hate relationship with the traditional French manicure. On the one hand it is a totally classic beauty look to suit any occasion and outfit. But on the other it is a little, er, boring.

While we'll always love a peachy nail topped off with a clean white tip, there is a lot more choice out there if you're open to it.

We've pulled together our favourite twists on tradition which give a gentle nod to the French look but also stand alone in a whole new nail art category of their own.

1. Textured tips (we told you we weren't going to stray too far off piste.) Opting for a nude nail complete with a textured tip is a great way to add interest to a pretty simple design. With such a huge variety of textured polishes available to buy on the high street, you don't have to visit your local nail salon to achieve this look.

Our favourite? This offering from Ciate. Coat the tip of your nails with colour before finishing off with a textured polish for maximum impact.

2. Geometric. Who said a Frenchie needed full on tip coverage? This look created by Butter London and seen on the Lela Rose Spring/Summer 2014 runway look super luxe and can be created at home with a steady hand or some medical tape.

While we're big fans of the use of nude there's no reason you can't go bigger and bolder with a lick of colour.

3. Double moon. French tips met the half moon mani and this gorgeous nail art was born. US-based manicurist Alicia Torello created this lilac look and we've fallen head over heels for it.

While this is another design that's pretty easy to create at home with a little bit of perseverance, we'd also recommend testing it out in the capable hands of a nail technician if you're a nail art novice.

4. Double French. You'll never find a better use for your re-usable French tips stencil than to use it to double up your mani like this.

This design by celebrity nail artist Karen Gutierrez is so simple you'll be face palming yourself that you didn't try it out sooner.

5. Gradual tips. Last but by no means least we present to you the gradual manicure. All you need to this is a makeup sponge. Nail artist Jessica Washick - whose personal tagline is "You don't need a man you need a manicure" - proves yellow is the perfect colour to test this trend.

Not enough nail for you? Check out the gallery below for more colour inspiration...


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