29/07/2014 12:40 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Oil Pulling: Does It Work?

Thought 'Cinderella-surgery' was weird? Try oil pulling.

According to health-fanatics, this odd little ritual can help prevent plaque, bad breath, dry mouth and jaw soreness but does 20 minutes of swishing oil around your mouth actually work?

Luckily, the girls from ModaMob decided to give oil pulling a trial run so we don't have to.

Using coconut oil as their substance of choice, the girls each took a spoonful and swilled for 20 minutes. After a pretty disgusting session of oil pulling, the girls shared the results. Here's the verdict:

The taste
"It tasted really gross, the consistency was disgustingly thick so you have to chew it and you end up swallowing some. It's very waxy, it's coating my throat."

The health benefits
"My mouth does feel cleaner and more refreshed but its so nasty having to do it."

Would they do it again?
"Only if you paid me. I would do it for a bet." (It was that bad.)

So there you have it. For the small price of a waxy throat, your mouth may or may not feel cleaner. It might be worth trying just the once, but otherwise you're probably better off sticking to plain old toothpaste.

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