Six Of The Worst Foods For Your Skin

Six Of The Worst Foods For Your Skin

Keeping skin healthy can be influenced by a number of things, from how much sleep we get to pollution. However - no matter how much we invest in expensive cosmetics - it's what we eat that truly determines the condition of our complexions.

Dr Stefanie Williams - a dermatologist and medical director at European Dermatology London - believes there is one huge dietary problem contributing to the aesthetic of our skin.

"We are eating way, way, way too much sugar these days, which ages us at lightening speed," she said. "But it's not only sugar as such, but also starchy food, which our digestive system turns into sugar as soon as we have eaten it."

From fruit - which has the ability to "cross-link our skin's collagen" thanks to the high level of fructose - to white bread - reducing your intake of foods high in sugar and starch can do wonders for improving the skin.

Not all fruit is bad news though. "Berries are a good choice of fruit, as they are relatively low in sugar, but high in antioxidants. Mixing them with nuts is a great snack, but make sure they're fresh not dried," says Dr Williams.

She also recommends swapping processed snacks for "good fats" like olive oil, coconut oil and avocados, as well as lots of antioxidant-rich vegetables. "Don't forget your daily portion of protein, which contains the building blocks of skin's collagen and other important proteins too," she added.

Now we know what to avoid, find out which foods we should be eating more of.



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