30/07/2014 12:33 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

10 Signs You Shouldn't Live Together

You've reached that point in your relationship when things should be taking a more serious turn. But does that mean you're ready to live together? Decide after you've read these ten points, says Alexandra Jones


1. He sniffs his socks before putting them on and it makes you gag every time. There are some fundamentals that you just can't change about a person so until you've come to terms with their foibles, best to live apart.

2. One of you wouldn't be able to afford the rent. Relying on or being relied upon financially is a total mood killer.

3. He instagrams it before letting you eat your dinner #PissOffImHungry.

4. You don't know his surname. My mate moved in with a guy she'd met for the first time two weeks before at a festival in Serbia, she called it "being a free spirit". Two weeks later she called it "making a huge mistake".

5. He still takes his washing home to his mum. The possibility for mum-duty transference is too great. And you do not want to become his mum.

6. You found him trying on your clothes and you weren't cool with it. Think about it, the temptation would be everywhere.

7. You've had rows over the size of his Star Wars collection. He says it's non-negotiable; you plan to flush his Chewbacca figurine down the loo to teach him a lesson. It's a recipe for disaster.

8. You suspect that if you lived together, your house would become filthy dirty within a matter of days. Two slobs don't make a right. Ever.

9. He hasn't seen you without your make-up and/or your clothes on. It's likely you'll be naked and make-up free for at least some of the time (or all of the time, depending on your lifestyle) so best to wait until you can do both without blushing.

10. You've never met his friends. You really do need to meet them before moving in together, if for no other reason than it'll save an embarrassing explanation to the police after you call panicked that a strange (and, you think, drunk) intruder is in your house after he lets one of them sleep on the sofa post-a night out.