5 Fruit and Veg To Help You Feel Body Confident This Summer

5 Fruit And Veg To Help You Feel Body Confident This Summer
Veniamin Kraskov via Getty Images

We've had the juice diet, gone organic, and even upped our daily fruit and veg intake from five to seven-a-day in a bid to get healthy, but if you're looking to get fit this summer it's time to step away from the saucepans and keep your veggies raw.

Eating more fruit and vegetables is always good news but cooking your carrots, kale or strawberries can significantly reduce their essential nutrients, enzymes, vitamins and minerals.

Sticking to a raw diet will not only keep your skin healthy and hair glossy, but help your immunity and give you an energy boost too.

We've teamed up with Vegesentials, the UK’s first raw fruit and vegetable drink brand, to bring you five fruit and vegetables to help you get healthy for summer.