30/07/2014 13:26 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Kate Middleton's Diet Secret Revealed

Kate Middleton looked fabulous at Wimbledon this summer (even if she did have the same dress as Kim Sears). The secret to her fabulous slim frame? Juices are the Duchess of Cambridge's go-to diet of choice.

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The Expressreports Kate began drinking natural vegetable and fruit juices in the lead up to the royal wedding. The result? She lost half a stone in four weeks.

Thankfully the Duchess now follows a more food-filled diet and only drinks pure juice two days a month.

The royal's juice of choice is reported to be a puree of orange, pineapple and banana, which she blends using her Nutribullet blender.

At £89.99, the gadget isn't cheap, but it comes highly recommended thanks to its ability to break down the ingredients to their most "nutritious and absorptive state, meaning you get the maximum nutrition your body needs."

If you are willing to part with the cash, you'll have the pleasure of knowing your slick kitchen gadget is also on the work surface at the royal couple's new Anmer Hall home.

Of course, Kate isn't the only celebrity to try out strange diets in a bid to stay slim. Beyonce is famous for her cayenne pepper and lemon diet and Bill Clinton is one of many stars to have tried the 'cabbage soup diet' (which is as bad as it sounds).

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