Kate Moss ‘Blags Her Way Onto Easyjet Flight' From Turkey While ‘Drunk'... After A Week At A Detox Resort

Kate Moss Causes A Stir At Bodrum Airport

When you're standing in line waiting to board an Easyjet flight back to Blighty, a tired and emotional Kate Moss is probably not something you expect to see - but that's exactly what a plane of full people flying to London got on Monday night.

The supermodel caused a stir at Bodrum Airport, when she reportedly arrived ‘drunk’ and blagged her way onto the flight, after spending a week at a super-healthy detox resort.

Kate Moss

According to Mossy’s fellow passengers - many of whom took to Twitter to post their comments on the situation - Kate arrived at the airport without a ticket and spoke to the duty manager for a considerable amount of time before being ushered onto the plane.

Once on board, Kate was reportedly happy to chat away to other passengers and didn’t throw a diva strop when the plane was delayed by two hours.

Kate is thought to have stayed at The LifeCo for seven days with a few pals.

According to their website, the detox break helps people to “regain long lost vigorous youth, lose weight and toxins”. There’s no mention about how getting plastered hours after leaving will affect your health though.


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