30 Haunting Pictures Of The Worst Ebola Outbreak In History

The worst Ebola outbreak in history is spreading throughout the West African nations of Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, infecting more than 1,200 and killing more than 600 since early this year.

The virus, which has also infected two American aid workers and killed the top Ebola doctor in Sierra Leone, is extremely contagious, and can be passed from person to person via bodily fluids (such as blood, sweat and urine), as well as contaminated objects. It's marked by flu-like symptoms, as well as bleeding from the eyes, ears, mouth, nose and rectum.

The virus is known to kill up to 90 percent of people who are infected by it, though the fatality rate for this current outbreak is 60 percent, NBC News reported.

WARNING: Readers may find some of the following images disturbing in nature.

Ebola Outbreak

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