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Magic Numbers' Debut 'END' From New Album 'Alias' - A 'Harder, Rockier Sound' Says Frontman Romeo Stodart (INTERVIEW)

Everything's the same but different for The Magic Numbers, reveals songwriter Romeo Stodart on the eve of the release of Mercury Prize-nominated band's fourth album 'Alias'.

"For me, the songs deal with a time of coming to terms with who we are," says Romeo, who has squeezed in the end of one long relationship, the beginning of another and first-time fatherhood into the time since the band's last record.

"The songs have always been personal, and I've tried to draw influences from my own experiences," he says, "but what I want from it has changed."

The Magic Numbers comprises two sets of siblings, which can make for hellish but healing times, according to songwriter Romeo Stodart

Some things haven't, though. The same sweeping sounds and vocally distinctive performances that fans will associate with the quartet are present, but so, too, is a rockier sound - "I didn't want us to repeat ourselves," says Romeo.

And the line-up remains solid. The band remains comprised of two sets of siblings, Romeo and his sister Michele on bass, and the Gannons, drummer Sean and keyboardist Angela. Does that make for musical shortcuts, more competition or even, at times, family face-offs?

"The only time we think about it is when the two families are against each other at some point," reflects Romeo.

"But it’s two girls as well, and Sean and I started the band so we have a history, so there are lots of different dynamics. It is like a gang. We have to learn to let people in to our little world.

"It can be an absolute nightmare as well, to be honest, because these people know you inside out. Michele and I will have bust-ups and not speak to each other for a while, and she's my older sister, and all that comes into the music.

"Sometimes it’ll happen on tour, where we’re not getting on. Then we'll somehow pull off a great performance, and that will heal things."

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The Magic Numbers' Alias' is released on 18 August. The band start their UK tour in Glasgow on Wednesday 10 September - click for more info here. Watch our exclusive video of 'End' above...

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