Pixie Lott Steps Out In Bizarre Pink Bodysuit Emblazoned With A Crotch Heart, As You Do (PICS)

Who's Wearing Their Heart On Their...?

I didn't think Pixie Lott could out-do the bizarre, boob-flashing outfit she was spotted wearing out and about in London's Soho earlier this year but the singer has managed to do just that with her latest creation.

For reasons known only to the 23-year-old herself, Pixie stepped out in a pink crushed velvet bodysuit complete with a yellow and blue heart placed, well, I think we all can see where it's placed.

Pixie Lott: What would her mama do (uh oh, uh oh)?

The only good thing about that heart is it manages - albeit temporarily - to distract us all from those dodgy shoes she's wearing, which she's even managed to completely colour-uncordinate with the rest of her get up.

And what's with the nana nightie she's holding around her waist?

Pixie was in Soho (again) to perform at the Freedom Bar for a one-off secret(ish) gig (and no, that doesn't excuse the outfit).

After the gig, Pixie tweeted: "@FreedomBarSoho that was fun. Loved doing a little intimate, secret show tonight at my fave place."

Honestly, don't these places have a dress code?


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