This Savagely Huge Flamethrower Was Actually Used In WW1


The savage tragedy of the first World War is well understood - but until you see some of the weapons used in the conflict, it's hard to appreciate just how nightmarish it must have been to fight in those trenches.

Among all of the horrible machines of war from the time, the Livens Large Gallery Flame Projector must have been one of the most terrifying.

Used by the British Army for the first time in the conflict, the flamethrower was able to burn everything within 130 feet. The above video was recreated by Glasgow University's Centre for Battlefield Archaeology in 2010, and came to our notice via Gizmodo.

The weapons caused nowhere near as many casualties as mustard gas or plain artillery, with only four being deployed as experimental weapons during the war (two were destroyed at the first battle of the Somme).

But they were terrifying (weighing 2.5 tons and measuring 56 feet long) and represented the vanguard of military brutality at the time.

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