04/08/2014 10:15 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Five Reasons To Head To A Day Festival This Summer

So, you're not going to Glastonbury and feel a little left out. Worthy Farm has been the sole water cooler subject for weeks now. In fact, if one more person laments the trouble with finding a floral headband, you might scream.

Why? Because you're a little bit jealous. All this festival fun sounds brilliant. Live music, drinking Pimms in the sun, mentally escaping work without going anywhere near Stansted.


If any of this sounds familiar, we've got the festival for you: Barclaycard British Summer Time at Hyde Park in London, a series of day festivals running across two weekends (July 3rd to July 6th and July 10th to July 13th).

Not only is the lineup kind of similar to Glasto (Arcade Fire, Jake Bugg...) but you don't have to camp to get involved. Here are five reasons to get your festival on at Hyde Park...

1. Clean hair. Have you ever been to a festival where part of the deal is living in a field for at least three days? You spend a silly amount of time thinking about your hair. Actually - to be clear - your dirty, greasy, limp, hungover hair. It's been rained on, covered in cider and in the end resembles a lost dog's coat. At a day festival, your hair looks brilliant - there's literally no stopping it in every single picture. And, if it's a bit limp by the end of the day it's okay - tomorrow is a new day, starting with a new shower.

2. You can really throw yourself into festivities. At a day festival there's no holding back, reasoning you must pace yourself. Ooh, is that a mosh pit over there? Get involved. Swithering about having another Pimms? Do it - your hangover can be spent in the privacy of your very comfortable bed (so much better than a sleeping bag).

3. The lineup is kind of amazing. And, you can choose the day that suits you best, rather than having to tolerate a whole load of bands you're not into or not curious about. Have you ever spent three days plus wandering round watching friends' favourite acts? It wears you down. Personally, we predict July 3rd and July 5th will be particularly exciting.

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