04/08/2014 09:50 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Wedding Dress: Stone Fox Bride 2013

Getting hitched but not losing sleep over it? Walking down the aisle barefoot? Not fussed about hair and make-up because you'll be doing it yourself?

Meet your new favourite bridal designers - New York based boutique Stone Fox Bride, where laid back, all-too-cool brides find their dress.

They want no muss and no fuss. The thought of sequins makes them feel ick. They LOVE Alanis Morissette circa Jagged Little Pill.

The dresses are made to order according to what each bride is looking for and the choice of colour and fabric you can have is endless.

Yes there's lace, silk, cotton and if you don't want white (the game's up - you're not fooling anyone) you can choose from nudes and ombre pastels.

The couture wedding dress collection from Stone Fox Bride does that minimalist beauty thing perfectly - just take a spin through our gallery below...