WIN An Inflatable Water Slide With Elastoplast!



The summer holidays are finally here! Whether it's a beach trip, family BBQ or picnic in the park, Parentdish has teamed up with Elastoplast Aqua Protect to ensure you and your family can concentrate on making the most of the great outdoors this summer.

We have your summer needs covered with our fun-filled pack that includes an inflatable giant water slide plus your summer-safe kit including Eucerin sun care products and the amazing Elastoplast Aqua Protect plaster range.

Small accidents are inevitable whilst enjoying some summer fun. Because exposure to dirt and water can slow down the healing process and can also lead to infection of the wound, it's important to ensure you provide the best protection.

As part of your essential summer-safe kit, Elastoplast Aqua Protect plasters are 100% waterproof so they stay on when submerged in water and protect against contamination - making them ideal for washing, showering, bathing and swimming, whether you're heading to the seaside or local pool.

Elastoplast Aqua Protect plasters promote undisturbed healing and ensure the natural wound healing process, leaving you free to relax and enjoy the sunshine!

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One lucky winner will receive a 5ft inflatable water slide and an Elastoplast Summer Hamper, including an assortment of Elastoplast Aqua Protect Plasters and Eucerin Sun products.

For your chance to win, enter your details below before 10am on August 1, 2014.

Good luck!