05/08/2014 08:27 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Celso Santebanes Spent £30,000 To Look Like 'Human Ken Doll'

Move over real life Barbie Alina Kovaleskaya, because there's a new human Ken doll making the headlines.

Introducing 20-year-old Brazilian model Celso Santebanes, the guy who's already spent over £30,000 on four plastic surgeries.

Santebanes is so obsessed with becoming the ultimate human Ken (he's trying to outdo fellow plastic-surgery fanatic Justin Jedlica), the's had four operations on his nose, chest, chin, and jaw.

The most bizarre thing of all? He likes to behave as a "human puppet" to resembles his favourite toy *widens eyes*.

Santebanes is also set to release his own line of look-alike 'Celso dolls'. You only have to check out his Instagram to see how excited he is over this:

Santebanes told a Brazilian newspaper he plans to have more surgery and charge for public appearances.

"I think I'm 90 percent of what I want to be," he said.

"I intend to do more surgeries, but do not know what. For now my investment is being in the gym, for Ken is strong and I am skinny."

He may be single right now, but pumping some muscle in the gym is sure to land him a real life Barbie, no?

"The human Ken bachelor is looking for his Barbie," Santebanes wrote on his Facebook page. "Who wants to be my girlfriend? After all no one is happy alone."

Any takers?


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