05/08/2014 08:05 BST | Updated 05/08/2014 08:59 BST

‘Hollyoaks' Spoiler: Ste Seeks Revenge After Learning Finn Raped John Paul (PIC)

‘Hollyoaks’ star Kieron Richardson has revealed how his character Ste will react when he discovers that Finn raped John Paul.

Speaking to Unreality TV, Kieron explains that Ste is understandably dismayed when John Paul reveals the shocking truth, leading him to decide to take matters into his own hands.

Ste gets revenge

When John Paul spots Ste and Finn chatting, he’s less-than-happy and it leads him to admit to Ste that Finn is the one who sexually attacked him earlier this year.

“Finn is walking through the village and Ste, literally from nowhere, picks him up off his feet, drags him down the alley way and pins him up against the wall and tells him he knows it was him who raped John Paul,” Kieron tells the website.

Later in the year, fans will see Ste then takes control of the situation, a move Kieron agrees with.

“I don’t think we can forget Ste’s past, and we know that he can handle himself and isn’t scared of anyone, really,” he continues. “It’s nice that he has stuck up for John Paul like that.”

In recent weeks, there has been plenty of drama in the Channel 4 show, and viewers recently saw Patrick’s abusive nature exposed, shortly after his marriage to Maxine.

The Six Weeks Of Summer trailer hints at some of the dramatic events still to come. Watch it here…

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