05/08/2014 07:20 BST | Updated 05/08/2014 07:59 BST

The Unseen's Swarovski Crystal Brain Helmet Can Read Your Mind

You might remember Swarovski crystals from being glued to almost every incredibly tasteless 'limited edition' phone, bra and toilet ever made.

Now they have something that might be a little bit more useful - a helmet that can read your mind.

(We said a little bit.)

The helmet (above) is actually the work of The Unseen, a design and art lab with an eye on emerging technology.

Lauren Bowker at The Unseen created the cap to explore "the bespoke relationship between the Swarovski Gem stone and the world of material science". Almost 4,000 were used for the piece, which is able to -- at least in theory -- monitor which parts of the brain are in use most, and change the colour of the gems to match.

The stones change from black to orange, through to green, blue and purple.

"We discovered the pattern formation in the colour of each stones evolves throughout the day; this fluctuates over areas of the brain in use. When worn the headpiece becomes a reflection of the inner human thought."

Here are some more pictures: