06/08/2014 21:04 BST | Updated 07/08/2014 06:59 BST

'Great British Bake Off' Episode 1 Review - Back In The Kitchen With Mel, Sue, Mary Berry And Paul Hollywood

Phew, it's time to relax. The tent is billowing, the lambs are mewing, and the bakers are lining up to try their luck under the beady eye of Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood. 'The Great British Bake Off' is back on our screens.

Diana gets my vote already

This weeks' Series 5 debut introduced us to the show's youngest ever baker, Martha, a teenage sensation in an apron, and the indomitable show-stealing Diana, a Woman's Institute judge from the age of 20 and now, at 69, surely set to topple Ms Berry's crown.

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No time yet to get properly attached as we did to last year's Howard, but I've got small soft spots already for Iain's bushy beard, Norman's soft Scottish burr AND his gadget for getting cakes out of the baking tray, Jordan's hairclips and the honey from Luis's bees, fresh from the hives "one on his allotment, one at his caravan". Lovely.

Martha, the youngest ever baker, but completely at home with her Swiss roll and miniature cakes in buik

At first glance, Paul Hollywood seemed rather subdued this time around, perhaps dazzled into silence by Mary Berry's leave-em-standing blazer. But Mel and Sue were their usual perky selves, the series retained all its usual understated charm, and we've already had our first, self-deprecating tears as Claire had to leave the kitchen. Five series in and it's as familiar and comforting as ever. I'm rooting for Diana.

Norman was determined to bring his Scottish traditions to the baking table

Who do you think is destined to be this year's prize Baker? Here's this year's kitchen crop...

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