Monkey Selfie Picture Is Fair Game Says Wikipedia

This Is What Happens When A Monkey Starts Taking Selfies

Wikipedia is refusing to delete a monkey selfie picture arguing that because the photo was taken by a monkey (non-human animal) it's in the public domain.

This is after the photographer who owned the camera requested that Wikipedia remove the image as it was infringing his ownership of the image.

Photographer David Slater had been trying to capture a picture of the monkeys for hours when one snuck up, stole one of his cameras and took hundreds of selfies.

What resulted was to be Slater's eureka moment as the image became universally popular and shot him to fame.

"Macaca nigra self-portrait" by Self-portrait by the depicted Macaca nigra female. See article. - Daily Mail. Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons.

Sadly there isn't a happy ending as Slater has now found himself in a legal battle with Wikimedia over who actually owns the image.

As one of his main sources of income, Slater is keen to have the image removed from Wikipedia immediately, The organisation however argues that because the monkey technically took the photo the image then belongs to the monkey.

The situation was brought back into the limelight following Wikipedia's decision to publish all of the requests they've had to remove or edit content on their various sites.

One of these instances was David Slater asking that the image of the monkey is removed from the public domain immediately.

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